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Maurice Bush as Bounty Hunter Dengar in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Signed Index Card Cut - The Rarest Autograph in Star Wars Collecting

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2 1/4" x 1/2" in VG+ condition with glue marks on the back from being previously displayed. This was the back of his boxing photo, as evidenced by the faint purple "Picture by the Hackney Gazette" stamp. Comes with the cut out of his face from the front of that boxing photo and an unsigned 8" x 10" photo.

Maurice "Morry" Bush was a heavyweight boxer in the 1950's who transitioned to a minor career in British TV & films, the most famous of which being the bounty hunter Dengar in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. Uncredited on the film and without any speaking lines, he wasn't even officially confirmed to have been in the movie until after his passing in 1999 by Dave Prowse making him a practical impossibility to collect in real time.  

There are only a handful of Maurice Bush autographs known to exist, most little cut outs like this, and definitely none on a Star Wars photo. They are the rarest and among the most heavily forged autographs in the Star Wars collecting hobby.